How to become a member

In order to become our member, you have to fill application form here. We will contact You within 5 working days to discuss details.





(only for franchisor and franchisee)


In making application I hereby certify by a duly authorized signature that the information submitted is current, accurate and complete to my best knowledge and belief and that I have read and understand the BFA Code of Ethics and the business of the applicant is conducted in accordance with the Code. I understand that membership in the BFA is conditional upon adherence to the Code and membership may be either suspended or terminated by the BFA Board of Directors for failure to comply with the Code, or false statement or representation made in this application or in the attachments.
BFA’s membership services include periodic email communications to alert you about future events and issues of interest. If you do not wish to receive these communications, BFA’s privacy policy permits you to opt out of these communications by contacting the BFA.